The City of Ovilla operates as a Type A General Law City.  In 1996, the City Council, by Ordinance, created the position of City Administrator to oversee the day to day operations of the City.  Ordinance Number 2015-018 repealed Chapter 9, Article 9.03 Division 2 of the Code and adopted new provisions in place thereof establishing the office of the City Manager.

The Administration Department maintains administrative responsibility of city management, to include the annual budget, and is responsible for the overall direction of all city employees.

Long-term City Secretary Pam Woodall was appointed to the CM position on January 13, 2020 during a regular city council meeting. Municipal government is not foreign to Pam.  She is a 26-year retiree from the City of Cedar Hill. 

As a 14-year employee of Ovilla, serving as the city secretary, and assuming the temporary task as interim city manager on three separate occasions, both being senior official positions, Mayor Dormier and Council entrusted Pam with the permanent position and responsibility.  Pam is committed for many reasons.  To condense, she shares that:

  • I love Ovilla, and I will always support the governing body with their decisions, because I know they will be made with integrity and what they believe is best for Ovilla, even if we differ in opinion.  

  • My commitment and loyalty is to our governing body, the staff, “the team”  and the entire Ovilla community. 

  • As a working team, we will focus on solutions rather than problems. 

Pam is a dedicated professional in administering servant leadership, integrity, and the highest customer service possible. That same dedication drives all of Ovilla directors and city employees.  It requires a superb team/work family, and we have that at Ovilla, which includes continued support from our respected Mayor and Council.   

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Pam Woodall