Code Enforcement

Have a Complaint?

Ovilla's Code Enforcement / Code Compliant Department is to encourage voluntary compliance and to avoid punitive actions. Offering helpful services is more successful than the punitive approach as often times citizens may not be aware that they are in violation of city ordinances.

If you have questions or possible complaints, Ovilla's Code Enforcement Officer, Mike Dooly handles a wide variety of issues. You may contact (972) 617-7262 for help or email Code Enforcement.

Honey Do's and Home Repairs

It's that time of the year that many Ovilla residents have started rebuilding, remodeling and repairing various projects around the home. While many of these projects are simple homeowner tasks, not many are aware that often a city permit is required prior to construction. Whether erecting a new fence, constructing that new storage building, pouring concrete for a new patio or if you are one of the lucky few installing a new pool (and the new friends that accompany a pool), applying for a permit is a vital part of the process. Obtaining a permit sets in to motion a series of inspections that will ensure you have a safe and code compliant project while also keeping our city a great place to live.

If you have any questions concerning permits and any type of construction project, please contact Ovilla City Hall.